Joel Turns 14 today! | HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Joel!! The man who literally never stops working, who is always asking how he can lend a helping hand, who can handle ghost pepper salsa without even breaking a sweat{pretty much drinks the stuff for breakfast ;)}, who can shoot a squirrel out of the highest tree then skin/cook/eat it{that takes an extremely strong stomach a lots of guts! :-|}, and makes a fantastic cup of coffee turns 14 years-old today!!! That’s right, it’s his birthday!! :)

Now the common question for this dashing tall 14 year-old man is “what does you future hold?” I know y’all were thinking that exact thing, right?! =) Well, wonder no longer! I’m pretty sure I know. ;D Though he and I had high hopes of getting back to our Irish roots & learning how to river dance then touring the world together doing so, I am about 154% positive that is out of the question{though he dances like an angel… if angels danced}. ;)  I reckon he will continue to work extraordinarily hard, become a world-renowned hunter by hunting massively large boars{see last picture}, save up enough money to fix up a little house on a few hundred acres way out west in the wide expanse of  Montana, then someday in the near/far future with those big blue eyes and the heart of gold he will end up snatching himself a little lady… if  she doesn’t snatch him first! {I am accepting “future potential wife” applications by the way. There will be a filing fee of $5.00 per application. Inquire within! ;)} Okay, all of the above may or may not be in Joel’s future but I am positive that The Lord has a perfect plan for my brother and I’m excited to see what the Lord does in him and through him throughout his life!

So blessed to have you as my brother, Joel! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

“The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:
The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.”
Numbers 6:24:26

P.S. the last picture is for you, Joel! ;)








“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.”
Psalm 84:5

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5 thoughts on “Joel Turns 14 today! | HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  1. I would not want to come face to face with a boar like that! Happy birthday to Joel! What percentage of the application fee does he get? ;P

    1. And I wouldn’t wan to serve it up for dinner… :-/ absolutely disgusting! ;)
      He doesn’t get any percentage!! Actually I will be charging him $25 for the rights to any promising applications. Small price to pay for a good wife if ya ask me!! ;)

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