365 Blessings of Staying Home | Blessings 7 & 8

7.) The ability to arrive to work a little extremely late. :) Yes, I slept in this morning…. way in. My excuse? It was cloudy and I thought for sure it was still 5:3o am and not… well I won’t say the time. Anywho, waking up late and making a few lattes for my sisters before the morning was over means making it to the shop(we call our work area the shop) extraordinarily late! Thankfully, working from the home for your family makes that OK sometimes although I will try not to make a point of it. It is a blessing that my employers are very forgiving! ;)

8.) Extra exercise! Staying home offers a large amount of exercise in many unique ways. :) Today for instance, my parents go out to dinner leaving me with the biggest little bundle of energy I have ever been acquainted with. She most definitely doesn’t want to sit in her high chair while I attempt to make dinner…. that would be way too normal! So, I quickly grab the baby back-pack. I needed a little extra exercise anyway. To prevent the ball of energy (also known as Emmi) from eating my hair I hand her a delightful bright green rubber spatula. Smart right? Well, although for the average baby yes, for Emmi not really. You see, she is teething(I think) and anything that comes into her grasp will leave with bites taken out of it. So, the rubber spatula now has quite a few nibbles off the side. Thankfully, all pieces from the spatula were retrieved from her mouth before she swallowed them! ;) AND after carrying the additional 20lbs on my back for 1 hours, which was great exercise, she fell asleep! So yes, extra exercise is a blessing! :)

AND I have a new recipe on my cooking blog! :) GranolaGirlBakes.com

“Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.”
1 Corinthians 9:24

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3 thoughts on “365 Blessings of Staying Home | Blessings 7 & 8

  1. I love the back pack. I used to have one like this ages ago. My son was asking me the other day if I still had it, and I don’t. I’m wondering if you can tell me where you got yours? It really is great exercise taking care of a little one. Great for strengthening the back and the arms. I don’t think I could do it anymore.
    Great looking burger…I’m going to check it out…

    1. This back-pack was purchased on ebay. We have tried several different styles. Some more geared toward hiking and a little more “fancy” but this has been the most comfortable back-pack style so far. :)

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