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believe it or not it is saturday… again! sitting in front of my computer -which is confusing me to the point of insanity(new computers are always so hard to get used to!)- in the office this morning, munching on some figs (dried figs mind you! fresh figs are definitely not my cup-of-tea but dried… they are delicious!!! :) , attempting to edit video, and wondering why my side of the shop always gets disturbingly dirty AFTER I go to bed. need to talk to my sisters about their bad habit of cluttering my work space! definitely isn’t my fault. ;) and i have found myself on canon’s website viewing their lens line-up, AGAIN. not good and I wasn’t suppose to be on the site. why? because, every time i go on the site i find a new lens i “need” and this time it just so happens i had to decide on a lens that would set me back approximately 300 chipotle burritos or to put it into simpler terms 3200 snicker bars(i don’t like snickers… too many nuts), a 7 day mexican riviera cruise for 2, or 657 gallons of gas. needless to say, i don’t have that kind of money….

isn’t it a beauty?!?? it is the canon ef 70-200mm f/2.8l is II usm telephoto zoom lens!! i can dream can’t i?! :)

so, i am trying to decide how i can start earning money for this lens. i had a couple ideas that completely fizzled. 1.) rent out my little brothers and sisters. i could advertise them on craigslist for their superb ability to clean bathrooms, entertain,  or give a good shoulder message. but obviously my mom wasn’t too fond of that idea. 2.) put a donate button on my blog. but that would be…. down right weird creepy. plus both would take way too long. so, if y’all have any suggestions leave me a comment. ;)

and for those of you who don’t know my some-what quirky personality. this post was 100% light-hearted and 85.9% a joke!…. and yes, i know i didn’t capitalize anything. why? ’cause it’s saturday! :D Have a great day!!

“But I will hope continually,
And will praise You yet more and more.”

Psalm 71:14

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4 thoughts on “Seriously it’s Saturday?…. again!?| Lens Ranomness

  1. hehehe….i like this post. if you figure out a good way to make money for that lens let me know:)

    what kind of computers do you use? just curious:)

    Have a great sunday!

    wow, typing with one hand is much easier when you don’t capitalize.:)

    1. your right! not capitalizing really makes one finger typing so much easier =)

      computer: i just switched from an acer to an apple imac a couple weeks ago. i still use my acer laptop for common use but it was extremely unwilling to handle my software/editors + all the images being processed. moved as slow as a snail!! :) apple seems to be much more compatible for the type of work i do!

      Have a wonderful evening and fantastic Sunday, Emily!!

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